Graffiti Removal

We have 15 years experience cleaning graffiti! Our peerless, professional staff use pressure washers & proprietary chemicals to quickly and effectively remove all trace of tagging, vandalism and spray paint graffiti

No ladders, no mess, safe, fast and cost effective graffiti removal for you.

We stand apart from our competitors by keeping our focus on excellent, reliable customer service. Our fully trained and uniformed staff will arrive on time and equipped to complete your service whilst avoiding your peak and busy times.

Every job is approached with an understanding of what the customer requires and we’re experienced in servicing a range of properties and businesses. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

The professional Flash team serve all Melbourne suburbs. No job is too far away for our committed cleaners, and we schedule to suit you!

If you have graffiti in:

  • Doncaster
  • Donvale
  • Port Melbourne
  • Preston
  • Ringwood
  • Or anywhere else

Give us a call and we’ll have you sorted in no time!


Gutter Cleaning

Safe and Effective Gutter Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Gutters need to be regularly cleaned to avoid water build up, overflow and blockages that cause damage to your property.

In the past, homeowners would climb up and down unstable ladders to clear out their gutters. Those days are long gone!

To make the gutter cleaning process much safer and more efficient, Flash Windows introduced the Streamvac, which allows for vacuum-like suction power at over 40 ft, while our team keep both feet safely on the ground.

The extension pole and ‘U’ shaped end allow for a precise and thorough gutter clean.

This not only minimises the risk to our staff, but maximises the speed and efficiency of the job. We can get in and out quick, with minimal disruption to your day and also offer an even more competitive price for you.

Additionally, any soil, leaves and organic matter retrieved from the clean can be put on the garden as an excellent mulch.

Cleaning gutters yourself is messy, time consuming and dangerous. Our staff have the equipment and training that will ensure that your gutters are cleaned quickly without leaving a mess or damaging your roof or gutters.

Call Flash now for a competitive gutter cleaning price for your home or business.

Our service includes:

  • A complete clean of your gutters
  • Removal of blockages in downpipes
  • Disposal of gutter waste
  • Inspection for wear and tear



Pressure Cleaning

Flash are experts at reviving your pavement, stairs, brickwork and other surfaces in Melbourne.

Our pressure cleaning techniques apply pressures of up to 5,000 PSI to destroy any dirt, mould and grime that builds up on your outdoor surfaces.

Additionally, Flash’s Melbourne pressure cleaning service can provide treatment to concrete surfaces to prevent quick regrowth of mould in moist or shady areas. This gives you a high quality clean and minimises the frequency of cleaning required.

If you’ve got a backyard, footpath or facade in Melbourne that needs a ‘spruce up’, Flash is here to help!